These guys met in detention after rocking so hard they broke all of the windows. They decided that when they finally escaped, they'd go back to the music room and rock even hard. Victor, Gabriel, John and Audrey are "The Rockin' Royals".


Hailing from Cisneros Learning Academy, 5th Amendment is mixing their RnB and Soul influences with a new sound. They are sure that the journey they are on will help them find their confidence...and shiny boots.


One day a kid named Khaled was walking around school when someone in a LOUD shirt asked him if he wanted to be in a band. He quickly recruited his brother John on drums and his good pal Sabrina on vocals. With Dyenteny joining to rap and play guitar, The Roaring Twenties have a unique line up that is always ready to rock.


We are GLITCH. We're just learning to play, so if we make any mistakes along the way it's not messing up, it's just a GLITCH. We believe that instruments are beautiful because they're not human and they don't make mistakes. We like dank memes and good food, and we look good!


Seven adventurous girls looking for a dream. Our members don't always hang out much in school but in the music room we unite and come together as one, as Bittersweet Symphony. We took our name because we want to reflect all parts of music - sad songs, emotional songs and upbeat and rocking songs. We are passionate about music and we love each other.


Where the wolves roam wild in the streets of Downtown LA, as the sun set it only took one howl to call together...The Night Howlers! School kids by day, Howlers by night, there will never be anyone like The Night Howlers!


Each member of SKYTEAM saw a magical star in the sky. Separately, they all ended up at the top of a strange mountain. Once atop the mountain, they found magical instruments. Each member of SKYTEAM was drawn to a particular instrument. They got their instruments and united themselves as SKYTEAM. They new at this moment that they had to continue to play music to help the children.


Six young adults were friends at an awesome beautiful school and they all decided to go on a field trip to a concert together. It ended up being a "Twenty One Pilots" concert and the six friends were rocking out hard. All of a sudden the "Twenty One Pilots" asked if there were six friends that would like to come onstage.  The friends made it onstage and were introduced by the band. "We have Meril slamming the drums, Ingrid with her soothing vocals, Yordany keeping the bass in the pocket and of course the shredding guitarists, Angel, Wilmer and Bryan." The crowd went crazy and the Electric Dragons jumped straight into "Stressed Out". They never stopped playing after that night.


One upon a time, two boys were on a chair doing the chicken dance. Then an evil witch came and turned the boys into chickens. The only cure was to learn to play music. As they learn to play more songs each week, the slowly become the humans they were before the witch cursed them.


We draw inspiration from the music itself, it makes us feel free and special. Music shares messages from everyday life that words cannot express. We were backstage with our favorite band (Slipknot) when we met and started talking. We became friends and discovered we had magical powers for playing instruments. We play both covers and originals while experimenting with different styles.


These guys met each other in detention. They didn't know they had musical interests, they all played instruments in secret. They heard someone playing drums down the hall and ditched detention to see who it was. Inspired by the amazing performance they all jumped on the other instruments and revealed their secret passion for music. To this day they enjoy their time together, playing rock and original music. Their influences include The White Stripes, Iron Maiden, The Arctic Monkeys, Guns N' Roses and Starset.


Two members of Inner Core turned what could have been a tragedy into a musical experience that could not be contained. Each member of Inner Core was driving in LA when they got into a huge car crash. Cars were going to explode but everyone helped each other get free and away from the wreckage. Afterwards, Carmen, Melvin, Harley, Josue and Samuel went to an arcade and got really into Guitar Hero. At that moment they all realized that they loved playing music. They vowed to start a band at that moment and let nothing stand in their way.


When the moon flashes it's light at the forest, it opens up it's light on a wolf pack. The wolf pack is made up of savage guitarists, a beastly bassist and a drummer currently serving a life sentence of detention. A lightning bolt flashes at the ground and sends down instruments and the gods gave them the amazing talent to rock.


300 years ago an evil being named Slade was going to destroy the world. He enslaved everyone except six kids who barely made it out alive. It was hard for the six kids to work together in perfect harmony but then came along a goddess named Christina. She then showed them what would bring them together... MUSIC! She taught the kids how to use their music in perfect harmony. When the end of the world came, they played their music and destroyed Slade, saving everyone. They flew from California and became "The Night Howlers".


During the zombie apocalypse of 2016, six students found themselves fighting for life and death. Trapped in Vista Charter haunted high school with no way out, no food and no wifi they fought their way into the music room to take shelter from the horde of blood thirsty undead teachers who wanted to eat their brains (and give them homework). Here they discovered that they were bound by something bigger than fate, Rock and Roll. In there most desperate hour, god of rock Dre appeared and bestowed upon them instruments from the beyond that would help them crush the Zombie horde. They were given the loudest instruments ever imagined, which could turn all the zombies back into humans so they could attend their awesome concert. They flew on their magic tour bus to the hollywood sign where they prepared to unleash their fierce and voluminous power to save the world. They are... Louder than Loud.


One day, six teenagers from across the globe awoke to find a mysterious message on their phones instructing them to meet at Mt. Fuji. Andre, the owner of a guitar shop in New York. Anthony, a Canadian maple syrup manufacturer. Jennifer, head chef at a London macaroon shop. Brandon, world famous Hawaiian surfer. After a long and treacherous journey they rendezvoused on the peak of Mt. Fuji where they met the being that summoned them to the palace of rock, THE LAVA GOD.  "I brought you here because we are all in grave danger. A killer meteor is on a crash course for earth in five months. You must prepare by becoming rock legends because the only way to save the earth is to destroy the meteor with your high octane guitar solos and killer beats. Go now and rock to save us all." He presented them with instruments forged int he depths of the volcano. and amplifiers powered by pure lava. Imbued with the power given to them by the Lava God, and the future of Earth depending on them, Blasting Red Flares blasted off for the first time to prepare for the epic battle between rock and rock.


One day, K.J. was drowning and Cassie used her guitar to drag him back to shore. Then they had to get back to civilization. They found the other members of the band who were all suffering from bee stings. They also found a bear that could play guitar. In order to heal, they formed a band. They hope to be rescued from Bee Sting Island in time for their concert.


One day, a carton of milk performed with her friends until she found he chosen partners- a pikachu and a stubborn monkey. She was happy there was one member of the band that she got along with. Pudding. When Pudding left she was sad. Then Jazzy jams came along and milk was happy again. They formed the band and will be playing for the rest for the rest of their lives.


The Narwhals were all swimming underwater and ended up on the bottom of the sea floor. They found an underwater radio that was playing music like they'd never heard before. Beyond that, they found magical instruments strewn across the ocean floor. They quickly realized that playing instruments would be impossible as Narwhals. They decided to turn into humans and become musicians. Above the water they played so sick that the world called them Naughty Narwhals!


Irene, a pupil of famed 18th century virtuoso violinist, Nicolo Paganini. Manny, who lived with Nietzsche in his dying days, honing his misanthropic antidisestablishmentarianism. Bryan, who followed legendary blues guitarist Robert Johnson to the very crossroads where he allegedly sold his soul to the devil for guitar playing prowess. And finally Mary who travelled back through the centuries after negotiating a ceasefire during WWIII using just a violin and copious amounts of ice cream. Through a freak cosmic reaction, these four time traveling musicians were sent to 2017 by a wormhole in the space time continuum.  To get back to their time, the musicians discovered that they must create an awesome band to reopen the tear in the universe with their riffs. 


The Awe Dangits, featuring: Sprout, Mr. sizzle, Beab'la, Narwall, Wild Child


Hailing from a graveyard in SB, is Death Blossom, cursed to play heavy metal for eternity. Filthy Franc on drums feeds on souls. On vocals we have Skull Crusher, named for her vocal ability (it will crush your skull). On bass is EG, master of rumble. Smol Bean and Soul Eater are on guitar.


2017 A.D. High king Trump extinguishes the last bastion of music in the known world. As society collapses and Earth barrels towards its demise, Rock N' Roll fades into myth. 

4044 A.D. Five teenagers living on the planet Nebulos are surrounded by a world devoid of art and music. They had heard the legends of a distant world with sound and light. While on an interplanetary trip, the groups space shuttle emergency landed on the planet Aluma. While waiting for their shuttle to be repaired, they entered a forest to find an old man sitting with what he said was a guitar. As he played, the group realized the rumors were true, music did exist. It was then that the old sage revealed himself to be the last surviving musician from Earth. "You must journey back to Earth and uncover the lost art of rock and roll and bring music back to the galaxy" he said. They set out on the long and arduous journey, eventually landing in the ruins of the city once known as Los Angeles. There, they found their instruments. Ashley found the drums. Genesis, Milton and Susan found the guitars. Michelle discovered music notes, a book of lyrics and strange discs that created music when inserted into an ancient machine known as a jukebox. Under the guidance of their mentor they began honing their skills so that they could bring music back to the galaxy. To Be Continued....


The prisoners met at a prison called "Skule". They were all arrested for the same crime: playing music too loud. They were all in the same cell, so naturally they started to make music together. The music was SO good that the prison guards decided to let them free so that their amazing tunes and playing could be shared with the world. The prisoners are now insanely famous and live in a big mansion together and continue to bother the neighbors with their constant loud rocking.


We met at a radio station. There was a record sale and we were fighting for the last Twenty One Pilots album. We decided to share the record week by week. After sharing another groups music we got the idea to start our own band! We want to be known for our music and tour the world combining hip hop, rock, jazz and pop. 


One day a group of teenagers were staring at the carpet when one of them found a red wagon in a chocolate bar. They boarded the wagon and went to the moon. Upon arriving on the moon they found they had x-ray vision and that gave them the ability to see through music. They used this new found power to form the band known as X-Ray Wagon!


Crew met at a sushi restaurant in San Francisco. The boys had scared the girls so the girls made up a plan to scare them back. Later that year at the Halloween batt of the bands, the girls turned off the lights and put on scary costumes before jumping out and surprising the boys. Now that they were "even" they decided to become a band. Crew toured with Michael Jackson for many years and more recently with Drake. They all live in a beach house and play music everyday.


The Loud Kids met at the Montebello mall and have rocking ever since. When they aren't touring with Future, 2 Chainz or Drake, they hang out in their five-story mansion and practice their instruments. Their mission is to be the best and rock forever.


Radioactive is a band made of candy. They make music because they want to inspire people to follow their dreams. Scarlet the drummer says, "dude, just dude". They formed in Santa Barbara to rock the world.


Made in Santa's workshop to be nice barbarians, and since Jaryd's brother plays guitar, here they are to rock and groove you. Sara Leyva is the singer because her mom sang to her. Destiny Bieber (aka Kitty Kitty meowmeow) is on guitar and would rather be called Dark Knight. On lead guitar we have Diego Fuego while Christian and Luca head up the thunderous rhythm section.


Yesenia hails from a rundown mill in New Orleans. One day long ago, her father went away to sell a guitar and never came back. She ventured off into the world and carries on his legacy by playing the drums, because playing the guitar would be too painful. Diana is a refugee from Nigeria, coming from a family of thirty children. As a child she had her first exposure to Nirvana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies and others, while huddling by a lone broken radio signal. Inspired by the music, she cam "on boat" at the age of 10 and fell in love with the guitar. At age 1 Daniel was orphaned and then adopted by an Italian family. He was raised in Brooklyn as part of the Banana mafia, until he found the bass."         *Some of these facts may be very fictional.


We have a pet unicorn, Almond is her name. We went to a magical forest and a guy was there trying to capture the unicorn. We saved her because it was an endangered species. We took it home because it had the most musical voice so we started a band. It is deadly because it was "killing it" with singing. We try to defend the honor of all unicornz by combining different genres such as pop, alt rock and other inspiring music.