MASON ORFALEA - Founder and President

Mason Orfalea is an accomplished musician and filmmaker.  At the age of 18 he moved to New York City to pursue his passion for filmmaking at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  While there, he started a punk rock band, which would grow into a seminal player in the hardcore music scene.  After signing to Adult Swim records, Mason toured the world with some of the largest acts in music: Metallica, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, and Black Flag, just to name a few.  

Driving between the Reading and Leeds festivals in England, an idea came to him to better connect music companies and accomplished musicians with underserved youth.  After releasing his sophomore album on Cult Records, Mason decided to take some time off from touring and focused his attention towards getting the LOUD Program up and running.

Since its inception in the spring of 2014, Mason has grown the program from 1 school in Santa Barbara to 13 programs that operate throughout Southern California.  He continues to oversee day-to-day operations of the program as well as developing a revolutionary online curriculum that utilizes many cutting edge multi-media components.